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>>Gestation and birth of the live cell regenerative therapy in 1952-1996

The live cell regenerative therapy was been origin from 1952, the famous French Dr. Michael Pisttor was first applied to clinical treatment of various diseases, including sports injury, joint pain, skin lesion and so on; In 1987, the French Academy of Medicine formally incorporated it into the traditional medical treatment project. And till 1996, the world’s famous medical specialist Prof. Feemor first come up with the “cell repairing” theory, and find out the password of human aging from the level of gene, this becomes the focus of attention in the global medical community, the world's major media try to be the first to report it: “The best gift for the ladies”, Milestone in the field of Medical Beauty Science and technology”!

>>SWMCTS skin functional health management system was established on 1996-2002

On 1996, Dr. Horst was leading a scientific research group and tackled key problems of the special research of “using the cell for reconstructing the skin internal function”, and finally made a breakthrough, a new generation of “skin microcirculation repairing technique” was able to use on the cell priming regenerative therapy, and rebuilt the skin internal function. Dr. Horst was called the founder of the reconstructive therapy of skin function and the SWMCTS cell therapy was born. And with new ideas and excellent anti-aging effects swept Europe and the United States, and the cell priming regenerative therapy becomes the classic brand.

Soon afterwards, the headquarter of SWMCTS was found in Fribourg, Switzerland, on year 2002, the skin functional health management system launched by SWMCTS was promoted the SWMCTS cell regenerative therapy to a more upgraded level. All programs of SWMCTS are about: using microcirculation repair technology, cell biomolecular activation technology, targeting repair base cell technology, reticular layer remolding technology, autologous cell activation 4D technology, these 5 high-end live cell anti-aging technologies can target repair of sebum membrane, basal layer of epidermis, reticular dermis and EDJ, scanning layer by layer, repairing the skin internal function, enhance the ability of skin to produce collagen in autogenous formation, achieve continuous improvement of skin quality and maintain the anti aging effect.