Cell Function Repair Therapy

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Restore the "repair power" as the skin is young
· Stimulate the activity of epidermal and dermal cells
· Restore the normal function of cells, stimulate collagen regeneration
· Improve the sensitive and fragile skin, enhance the skin immunity

Function Repair Factors 30ml
The top "repair star"

A large number of epidermal growth factors EGF rapidly stimulate epidermal cell division and accelerate the skin repair for minimal invasion as well as reduce pigmentation;
Rapidly activate cells, make collagen fibers stay linearly, increase skin firmness;
Ingredients: epidermal growth factor EGF, astaxanthin, cell stabilizers;

Functional Moisturizing Cream 30ml
Moisturizing and repairing function: quickly get rid of dry skin,repair the skin lastingly

Molecular structure is consistent with the sebum membrane, which was in the crystal-like arrangement.
Experience particularly a skin-friendly sense with comfort and nature;

Functional Repair Mask 25g*5 pieces
Super moisturizing repair mask that women love for life

Centralized repair and revitalize the epidermal and dermal cells, which strengthen the skin regeneration capacity and repair a variety of skin problems at the same time;
Regulate the skin's moisture, which makes the skin stay moisturized with a natural raiance
Ingredients: epidermal growth factor EGF, natural shea butter essence, amino acids moisturizers, seaweed extract; Instructions: After cleaning the face, apply the mask for 20~25 minutes;

How to Use:

Use them in the morning everyday. First, apply the Function-repairing Factor after the face was cleansed, then smear the Function Moisturizing Essence, and apply the cream at last. Please pay attention to sun protection.

1. With facial mask: Function-repairing Factor 0.5-1 ml→Function-repairing Mask 20-25 mins→Function Moisturizing Essence 0.5-1 ml

2. Without facial mask: Function-repairing Factor 0.5-1 ml→Function Moisturizing Essence 0.5-1 ml

Repairing Tips:

How to exert the function of mask to the extreme?

1. 20-25 minutes is an ideal amount of time, exceeding it would, in return, make the mask drain the skin off.

2. The mask can be stored in the refrigerator, if you get sunburned at day time, using the mask at night could lower the active melanin.

The evening is the golden time for the skin to recover, so a good sleep is necessary for your beauty!

Because the cells are most metabolic at night from 10:00pm to 2:00am, sleeping at this period of time could help the skin repair the damage caused by the outside would during day time, allowing the skin to peacefully metabolize and recover. Better regeneration capacity and full elasticity can help reduce the wrinkles.

What kinds of skins are suitable for the cellular function-repairing protocol?

Any kind of skin, of course, needs to be repaired, which allows the cell to be more active, increases its self-protection and self-healing abilities.

1. Repair for the skin after getting sunburnt;

2. Repair for the skin undergone laser, photon, Thermage and other minimally invasive procedures;

3. Sensitive, fragile and dysfunctional skins;

4. Skin that has been treated with hormone.